Tarotscopes for December 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Temperance is our theme of December. A healer waits for us at the end of our path. She is the guardian of a new awareness, a divine being who walks in both worlds. We are here for our initiation, but before we enter the new world she asks us, are you ready to be transformed? Are you willing to own your poison so that you can be free?

Temperance is understood as a virtue of self-restraint. Most commonly, it is referred to abstaining from alcohol, which is a card that leapt from the deck many times when spirit was ushering me towards recovery and sobriety. This may be a message for you to do the same, if you feel that nudge.

The deeper meaning of this card speaks to INTEGRATION. Here we are given a healing and perhaps an acknowledgement of our healing.

How have you been changed by this year? What holds value for you now and most importantly, how do you value your energy, your spiritual resources? These will be things to consider in December.

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You have endured massive shake ups and changes in your physical world and some of those changes have been very difficult, shocking even. You’ve adjusted well, adapted, but may be feeling in limbo or among the rubble. The energy you’re bringing into your next chapter is one of regeneration. I see this happening in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense. Have hope and faith that you are healing, you are expanding your power and you will feel energized, purposeful and clear about your next steps.


Take time to observe and witness the changes that are happening around you. You’ll soon realize there is much to be excited about. The Sun makes an appearance in your reading, speaking to a beautiful energy of life, renewal and expansion. Be curious about these changes as though you’re watching them from a distance. Appreciate all that has transpired on your behalf and you may notice how much the universe conspires on your behalf.


It’s very important to channel your energy into action and physical movement right now. There is great progress to be made for your health, security or business, so be assured this is time to strike while the iron is hot. You have the power to make things happen, for some that’s making the first move on a King of Pentacles (earth sign) or adopting the qualities of an abundance mindset and putting it to the test.


A Knight of Pentacles represents a helpful person in your corner. This masculine energy could be a younger sibling, friend or confidant. You need them as much as they need you. Contemplate the ways that you can be more receptive to allowing support and assistance in your life. You are often the soft shoulder for everyone else, it’s time that you give yourself permission to be the person that asks for help this month. All relationships will feel more supportive when you allow your vulnerability to lead.


The King of Pentacles is making a big impact this month, showing up in everyone’s readings. There is something special here for you however. This person is someone you have been actively manifesting, a romantic partner, a mentor, or collaborator. You have worked through your anxiety, fear, and self-doubt and your focus on finding your treasure has attracted this person or opportunity into your life. Continue with your attitude of grat