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Tarotscopes: September 2019

Relationships are on the forefront this month as September is influenced by the 2 of Cups, a symbol of connection, true love and our soul's recognition in others. Take note of all the court cards that have come forward this month as these represent actual people in your life. We are all mirrors for each other and there is much to be learned from being in connection with others. It's time to embrace love and intimacy in all its forms. Read your astro sign below to see how this will show up for you:


6 of Wands (Reversed)

Do you feel like you're held back from expressing yourself or your passions? A victory or cause for celebration is blocked for you now, particularly with a character that matches the King of Swords. This old soul (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra) tends to get caught up in their own head, feels more like ice than the fire you're wanting. To set your course straight, you may have to take the lead and honour what you want to experience.


The Lovers

Congrats Libra - the 2 of Cups with The Lovers is an unmistakable presence of a soulmate! Whether in friendship or romance, this connection will change the course of your life. The Lovers is a card that also speaks to being at a crossroads and needing to make a choice that honours your heart. This is not a time for practicality. Take a leap! And be sure to celebrate the love you've found!


5 of Wands

Where is the competition and conflict in your life? This card signals difficulty in communications, expectations and being on the same page. Resentments will hold you back this month, so free yourself through owning your part and noting that whatever irritates you in others is something to work on within yourself.


Princess of Swords

You may be challenged by someone close to you who is swinging the sword of truth a little too close. This could be an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini or Libra) or someone who often speaks without thinking, who could be a little immature or a tad dramatic. Try to see this person with compassion to understand what they intend beneath their abrupt message.


Knight of Cups

Love is in the air! Someone is offering you their heart as the Knight of Cups is a character of immense charm and romantic flare. Their intentions are true, so answer the call to invite more vulnerability into your life and see where this mutual attraction goes. Watch out for a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).


Queen of Swords

This is a call to step deeper into your power. The Queen of Swords is the presence of someone who knows what they want and is strategic in conquering their ambitions. There is much to learn from this person, whether a mentor, family or friend. Let her lead the way.


Ace of Wands

The spark of mutual attraction is about to catch fire. A new relationship or steamy encounter that has the potential for longtime feels. Like a magician's wand, this card contains all the possible magic of chemistry and connection that delights the soul, so dive in. If you're single, you won't be for long.


4 of Wands

Creating long-term foundations are important to you now. This can be establishing your new home life, a family or taking your relationship to the next level of commitment. There is plenty to celebrate right now and you find yourself surrounded by people that honour your new found happiness. Enjoy!


The High Priestess

You are diving deeper in to the realms of your intuition, influenced by a spiritually-minded, witchy woman. If you are called to study reiki, chakras, meditation or even Tarot, do it. There is much to be gained by some soul-searching and personal healing.


4 of Pentacles

Who in your life can teach you the value of saving your money, creating energetic boundaries, or preserving your potential? Getting grounded and building up your resources is key this month. If you don't know what to do to achieve your goals, find someone who does!


Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Someone in your life is unsure of where to go and what to do - and that could be having a negative impact on you, creating self-esteem issues and self doubt. A loved one could be very lost right now, so practice boundaries, detachment and acceptance. You can be supportive, but you cannot fix anyone's problems.


The Fool

You are called to take a leap of faith into a brand new world, to embrace change and the unknown with excitement instead of dread. Your plans have taken an abrupt shift, and the Knight of Pentacles (Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo) is going to be a major influence for you now. Let go of what you thought would happen to embrace what is meant for you.

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