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Theme for September: Sacred Union

You can not see yourself without a mirror; Look at the Beloved, He is the brightest mirror. - Rumi
Mystic Mondays Tarot

Sacred Union is our theme this month, represented by the 2 of Cups. In Tarot, this card is a symbol of soul connection, true love and kindred spirits, but when we speak of Sacred Union, this is something deeper and more encompassing than our commitment to a significant other.

In fact, in order to come into a satisfying commitment with another, we need to love ourselves first and that is the most powerful union. When we are healing ourselves, we are actually reclaiming parts of our soul and coming into greater balance of our masculine and feminine aspects on a spiritual level (we're talking energy here - not your gender or our sexual preference).

For instance, I tend to lean toward masculine energy. Even my court cards that come up in Tarot readings depict me as the Knight of Swords (which is typical for all air signs that are stuck in their head, their rational "masculine" energy). Historically, I have been drawn to partners who are emotionally developed, intuitive and have a "feminine" quality to their energy, but that was very challenging because at the time, I was transcending my own vulnerability.

For survival, I suppressed by own feminine characteristics - shaming my intuition, feelings, and empathic abilities. I was avoidant of any connection or softness within myself, which made my connection with others quite challenging and disruptive, as you can imagine. Part of my healing was to get my inner masculine to stand down and learn how to have boundaries without using the sword. That allowed my feminine nature to blossom and attract a very different person - who is still very in touch with his feminine, but so am I.

This is the work we have to do and we don't need to be in a relationship to practice and master sacred union. We have plenty to go from in taking a look at our stories and histories.

Every relationship we encounter is important, particularly those we classify as "toxic." Those individuals can be our greatest teachers. If we devalue our connections or dismiss our choices that don't fit the ecstasy of the "twin flame" path, we miss this important point: everyone in our life is mirror.

Coming into union means raising our consciousness of this fact and integrating it on a soul level. It means we understand ourselves on the deepest level, we see our wounds, our intimacy obstacles and our ego projections for what they are. This is the medicine we will be receiving this month so be prepared and pay attention!

If you want to delve deeper into the energies around Sacred Union...

Download the New Moon in Virgo booklet, which includes a 9-card spread and a message from the Divine Feminine, specific to the energies coming forward in September.

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